BMW X5 from UWCFX Forex Drawing

United World Capital Forex broker (UWCFX) is ready to give out a brand new BMW X5 off-road SUV to a lucky FX trader. To celebrate its fourth year in the business, the company is holding a year-long lottery where the main prize (BMW X5) is going to be drawn in August, 2013. You do not have to be a currency trading genius to win the prize – all your have to do is deposit at least $1,000 into your trading account with UWCFX. Each $1,000 you deposit equals to one lottery ticket, which gives you a chance to win in this drawing. For example, if you deposit $10,000 instead of $1,000, your chances to win the prize will be 10 times higher. The opportunity will last since August 8, 2012 till August 7, 2013.

There is no indication of how this birthday lottery prize will be drawn but, judging from similar bonuses of other FX companies, the winning number will be determined by the last digits of some currency pairs on closing on some specific date. This will ensure the clear, honest and transparent results for this promotion.

If you happen to win but do not fancy owning a BMW car, you can receive a cash equivalent of the prize.

As always, United World Capital reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer anytime.

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