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BMW X5 from UWCFX Forex Drawing

United World Capital Forex broker (UWCFX) is ready to give out a brand new BMW X5 off-road SUV to a lucky FX trader. To celebrate its fourth year in the business, the company is holding a year-long lottery where the main prize (BMW X5) is going to be drawn in August, 2013. You do not have to be a currency trading genius to win the prize – all your have to do is deposit at least $1,000 into your trading account with UWCFX. Each $1,000 you deposit equals to one lottery ticket, which gives you a chance to win in this drawing. For example, if you deposit $10,000 instead of $1,000, your chances to win the prize will be 10 times higher. The opportunity will last since August 8, 2012 till August 7, 2013.

There is no indication of how this birthday lottery prize will be drawn but, judging from similar bonuses of other FX companies, the winning number will be determined by the last digits of some currency pairs on closing on some specific date. This will ensure the clear, honest and transparent results for this promotion.

If you happen to win but do not fancy owning a BMW car, you can receive a cash equivalent of the prize.

As always, United World Capital reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer anytime.

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Get Paid for Each Lot Traded with MasterForex!

MasterForex offers an outstanding opportunity to all of its traders – both new and old. After opening a new standard account with the company, everyone will be able to benefit from the latest “Jackpot in Every Lot” promotion, which basically offers rebates on all trades – both losing and profitable. The biggest advantage of this program is that the more position volume you claim to get the bonus the bigger is your reward per one standard Forex lot.

You will get $3 for every lot (in minimum batches of 5 lots each) if you trade from 5 to 19 lots before claiming. It will go up to $3.50 per lot (1 batch = 3 lots here) for the claimed volume of 20 to 49 standard lots. Going to 50-79 lots range will allow you to claim $4/lot (in batches of 2 lots minimum). 80-99 lots is the next range, with $4.50 per lot and no batches. For really big traders (100+ lots), $5 per lot will be rewarded as bonus.

You can claim your Forex trading bonus anytime but, of course, it is better to wait when you have quite many of lots accumulated. But do not forget that this Forex bonus offer is limited in time – it will last from March 16 till September 16.

With “Jackpot in Every Lot” you can freely withdraw your cash bonus once you receive it.

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Forex Welcome Bonus

MasterForex offers a welcome deposit bonus to the new Forex traders that decide to start trading with this old and reputable foreign exchange broker. The welcome bonus is actually a deposit bonus that is applied to the client’s first deposit only. The minimum deposit amount to qualify for this bonus is $5.

MasterForex will give 5% credit bonus for deposits up to $3,000. 7% bonus will be applied to first deposits between $3,001 and $10,000. The maximum percentage for bonus is 10% and it is granted for deposits of $10,001 and above.

The bonus is added to trader’s account as credit, meaning that it can only be used to open bigger positions and will be cancelled if withdrawal is performed. To move the received Forex bonus from credit to the account’s balance, a trading condition should be met. One needs to trade 1 mini-lot per each $1 of bonus to make it withdrawable. For example, if you deposit $300 and get $15 bonus for this first deposit, you’ll have to trade 1.5 standard lot to remove all the restrictions from the bonus amount.

It is important to mention that the condition described above can be fulfilled only using the currency pairs – CFDs or precious metals will not be counted for your total traded volume. As usually, MasterForex reserves the right to cancel its welcome bonus at any time without a prior notification.

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$1,000 Bonus from InstaForex

Use your chance to get $1,000 bonus from InstaForex broker! For depositing at least $3,000 into your live trading account with them, you’ll have a chance to win $1,000 every week until August 9, 2012. It’s a weekly prize and every trader that has fulfilled the deposit condition has the same chance of winning it. You don’t even have to trade to get this bonus. All you have to do is to deposit the minimum required amount and wait. Of course, you won’t be able to withdraw your deposit and still have the chance of winning the prize $1,000. InstaForex will consider the total amount of deposits minus the total amount of withdrawals to determine if the given trader qualifies.

The worst thing is that the $1,000 bonus prize, even if won, can’t be withdrawn from your account. There’s even no withdrawal conditions to fulfill. The only thing it can be used for is to make profit in Forex market – as additional margin for your real Forex account.

For example, you deposit $3,000 into your live account with InstaForex. Some weeks pass and you finally win the $1,000 bonus from the company. Now, you have $4,000 total to trade and earn profit from your trading. Of course, the profit you make from those $1,000 can be withdrawn freely.

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Free $10 Bonus from Forex Broker IncoNeon

Forex broker IncoNeon introduces an unbeatable offer – $10 bonus for opening an account. Traders can use this free bonus to earn Forex profits. The bonus itself is technically unwithdrawable because the withdrawal fee is the same as the bonus – $10. Of course, you are free to make some profit on the received bonus and withdraw it. Alternatively you can ask IncoNeon to switch your account type from bonus to micro, and $10 bonus will be removed from your account; $10 withdrawal fee will be cancelled. Bonus account has also higher margin requirement to support the open positions.

For example, you could open this bonus account, receive $10, trade for some time, practicing your Forex skills on a live account, and after earning, let’s say, $15 for a total of $25 account balance you could convert the account to a normal micro Forex account. As the result, you’d have a fully operational real Forex account with $15 on it without making any deposit.

Don’t forget that it’s prohibited by the IncoNeon’s rules to open several $10 bonus accounts – only one account per one person. As usually with such bonuses, the broker reserves the right to cancel it at any time without any prior notification of the traders. So don’t rely much on it :-).


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