Free $10 Bonus from Forex Broker IncoNeon

Forex broker IncoNeon introduces an unbeatable offer – $10 bonus for opening an account. Traders can use this free bonus to earn Forex profits. The bonus itself is technically unwithdrawable because the withdrawal fee is the same as the bonus – $10. Of course, you are free to make some profit on the received bonus and withdraw it. Alternatively you can ask IncoNeon to switch your account type from bonus to micro, and $10 bonus will be removed from your account; $10 withdrawal fee will be cancelled. Bonus account has also higher margin requirement to support the open positions.

For example, you could open this bonus account, receive $10, trade for some time, practicing your Forex skills on a live account, and after earning, let’s say, $15 for a total of $25 account balance you could convert the account to a normal micro Forex account. As the result, you’d have a fully operational real Forex account with $15 on it without making any deposit.

Don’t forget that it’s prohibited by the IncoNeon’s rules to open several $10 bonus accounts – only one account per one person. As usually with such bonuses, the broker reserves the right to cancel it at any time without any prior notification of the traders. So don’t rely much on it :-).


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