Get Paid for Each Lot Traded with MasterForex!

MasterForex offers an outstanding opportunity to all of its traders – both new and old. After opening a new standard account with the company, everyone will be able to benefit from the latest “Jackpot in Every Lot” promotion, which basically offers rebates on all trades – both losing and profitable. The biggest advantage of this program is that the more position volume you claim to get the bonus the bigger is your reward per one standard Forex lot.

You will get $3 for every lot (in minimum batches of 5 lots each) if you trade from 5 to 19 lots before claiming. It will go up to $3.50 per lot (1 batch = 3 lots here) for the claimed volume of 20 to 49 standard lots. Going to 50-79 lots range will allow you to claim $4/lot (in batches of 2 lots minimum). 80-99 lots is the next range, with $4.50 per lot and no batches. For really big traders (100+ lots), $5 per lot will be rewarded as bonus.

You can claim your Forex trading bonus anytime but, of course, it is better to wait when you have quite many of lots accumulated. But do not forget that this Forex bonus offer is limited in time – it will last from March 16 till September 16.

With “Jackpot in Every Lot” you can freely withdraw your cash bonus once you receive it.

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