Tutorial for Trading in eToro Forex Platform

In the next few sentences we will explain step by step how to access the eToro Forex broker and start your Forex trading in the biggest stock exchange in the world. The minimum deposit via electronic payment processors is $50. Before the registration is necessary to have one of several types of payment processors in order to make payments and payout your money. Brokerage house eToro accepts the following payment processors:
Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Western Union, MoneyGram and WebMoney.

eToro accept

On the beginning, open the following page:  www.etoro.com Now in front of you is home web page eToro brokerage house, here we will make registration. From right side, select the type of account: real trading account or practice/demo account, the real/trading accounts are for trade with real money, before the first trade you previously need to make your first deposit by any of these payment processors, but on the practice or demo account, (account for the exercise) you will get unreal money and that is only for beginners.

If you chose the trading/real account you need to fill form, which you should carefully fill with the exact information requested. (enter your information correct because when you try to make the first payment you will be asked to prove your identity by going to send the requested documents scanned to your account to be verified) after completing registration write down your login information and then you need to download eToro platform and the same install on your computer.

After you have downloaded and installed the eToro platform, run and in front of you’ll see the following picture:

eToro enter platform

If you have made real/trading account click on: TRADE FOR REAL and if you make one for the exercise that is a demo/practice account, click on: PRACTICE TRADING.

For real trading account is required to enter your login information you entered previously in the registration form, after the launch platform in front of you will have the following picture:

eToro trading platform

On the left side column you can see the start components for eToro Forex traders and you can see which currency pairs are currently the most traded, followed by trading challenge or competition for traders who are most successful in the week he will get weekly prizes and also there is chat you can use to communicate to other dealers at eToro platform.

On the right side we can see the platform, at the top of the platform we see some time in the Forex markets around the world, below under we can see Choose a Trading Arena that is offered access to trading on a visually different ways. In the middle of the platform is moving fresh news from the Forex market. Down below on the right side you can see live movement of currency values and the left are running your store if you have it. In the lower left corner you can see the balance or account balance if you select a demo account for exercise there is given unreal money for exercise, and if you have made real/trading account is necessary to make your first deposit. You can do it by click on Click for Deposit and you will see the window where you choose the payment processor that make your first deposit. We advise you to your first deposit is not less than $100 because eToro brokerage house offers bonuses on first deposit and it should use:

$ 100 – $ 399 = $ 25
$ 400 – $ 999 = $ 100
$ 1.000 – $ 4.999 = $ 250 and qualify for a Silver Trading Account
$ 5.999 – $ 9.999 = $ 500 and qualify for a Gold Trading Account
$ 10,000 – $ 19,999 = $ 1,000 and qualify for a Gold Trading Account
$ 20,000 and more = Call for special offers and qualify for a VIP Trading Account

After you make your first deposit, now you can start trading, we have already mentioned that eToro offers brokerage house more visually different ways to access the trade, if you want to try one of them you can find them in the Chose a trading arena but we recommend that you click the top right corner to: Expert Mode, because you’ll have easy access to the charts without which you can’t successful trade, when you clicked on Expert Mode you can see the following picture:

Expert Mode

In the upper left corner you can see the currency pairs for trade EUR/USD, GBP/USD, etc. In the upper part in the middle you see the two options BUY and SELL, After desired pair if you click BUY you will buy a currency, if you clicking on the desired and then click SELL you will sell currency pair. Naw question is when to buy and when to sell? In order to know that is necessary to observe charts, and they you can find before small flags in front of the desired currency pair, we will click on the chart of the currency pair EUR/USD and we got the following picture:

grafikon eToro

The figure marked when to buy and when to sell a currency pair that is when you think that the value of the currency will fall and then sell, when you think it will grow eventually buy. Also when you open the chart in the upper corner of the chart, you can track the movement of currency, at intervals of 5min. 10min. 15min. 1h and 24h. it is best to combine all the time and assess trends.

If you chose the currency pair to trade, launch of trade is conducted in the following way: we choose the currency pair EUR / USD click on a few select BUY or SELL depending on your assessment in the upper right corner you can see additional settings and it’s risk level , then the amount that you want to trade up to that point and allow the loss and point to where you want to take a profit if you make the last two, trade preferences will be terminated automatically when the value of the currency pair to come to the point of default regardless of whether you are online or not. And if you didn’t adjust the points will be necessary to manually stop the trade in one hundred can do at any time to take profit or stop loss if you lose also if you take a loss you can lose only what you chose as the amount of trading just below risk levels.

pokrenuta trgovina

SPREAD is the commission taken by broker on every trade, the broker has the benefit of you and allows you to trade through their platform.

When you are satisfied instituted trade and want to stop to take profits or prevent losses enough to click to close down and you have completed your first trade in via eToro Forex brokerage house.

Also by you wish you can also run several times in trade with the same or different currency pairs.

The moment when you are satisfied with their trading and want to drag a certain amount of money to your account no your payment processor that you used for your first deposit, click on the button in the lower left corner Click to Deposit and then go to option and enter withdrawal amount of money to withdraw and end the process then you will receive mail which asks you to copy your personal and phone bill or some other bill to prove identity and address and withdraw could begin. eToro payments are usually waits up to 5 working days but with the electronic processor runs shorter.


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