About Forex Bonus

ForexBalkan.com website is intended to share the free Forex education. On these pages, you can find basic information about the greatest financial market in the world. Learn how you can take part in Forex trading from any country. You can become a foreign exchange trader even if you live in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, the Balkans, or in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, or any other place on the globe. At this website, we will offer you a free Forex books too and also free strategies, and recommend the best FX brokers and their bonus promotions and contests.


Terms of Service

All information presented on this website is provided for educational purposes, and this site and its administrators are not responsible for any damages arising as a result of using this information. All Forex brokers, banks, financial companies, and other institutions who offer currency trading services are mentioned on this website for informational reference only. All classifications, rating reviews or any other information found for any of the above mentioned institutions is provided in subjective form and according to the best possible reflection of the materials found on official company web site, obtained via email, or via online chat communication with company representatives.

The website information and signals are provided free of charge and for educational purposes only. We do not suggest anyone using real money for online foreign exchange trading unless one is certain in one’s skills and knowledge. We do not accept any responsibility for losses resulting if you choose to ignore this warning.

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